Mustela Stelatopia Milky Bath Oil 200 ml موستيلا ستيلاتوبيا زيت استحمام لتنظيف وترطيب بشره طفلك 200 مل MUSTELA

١٤٨٫٣٥ ر.س

DRY AND ECZEMA-PRONE SKIN STELATOPIA? Milky Bath Oil has been specially formulated for eczema-prone dry skin in babies and children and should be used to cleanse the face and body, particularly in the event of intense redness and pulling. Simply mix it into the bath water ? no need to rinse it off. It will leave skin clean, soothe and nourished: Skin is left gently cleansed without being damaged or dried out. The skin?s lipids are replenished using Active Relipidation?, a patented process which

  • ١٤٨٫٣٥ ر.س

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